Different Types of Construction Equipment

Different Types of Construction Equipment

    The topic of construction equipment is just so fascinating, once you consider it. Just take a moment to look around you and the fact is that the very building you’re sitting in as you read this was made possible by construction equipment.

    Not just advanced in terms of the tasks that the various items of equipment can perform, but also advanced in terms of its size. In short, equipment that needed to be made bigger, is becoming bigger and also there’s a new shrinking trend in equipment as well. Equipment like the mini skid steer loader.

    This is an amazing machine and if you haven’t yet seen one, you will soon because they’re coming to homes near you soon. What they are is a miniaturized version of a standard multi-purpose commercial tractor – built almost to the same manufacturing specifications.

    Trenching, earth moving, post hole digging, materials handling, and the list just goes on, and, on, and on. All tasks that you can do with this one piece of equipment that can easily fit in the back of a compact pick-up truck. Also it’s available with wheels, or tracks.

    Then one more type of construction equipment that has been shrunken down and is also now more affordable to buy, is the common crane. Now it really wasn’t all that many decades back when there was really only three sizes of crane and those were big, bigger, and huge. It just never even crossed the average persons mind that they would ever own a crane.

    Well now you can own your own crane, although the greater majority of people out there really don’t have a use for one. For those who do need a small portable crane though there’s a large assortment of them to choose from including miniature cranes that can be mounted on the back of a pickup truck.

    Construction equipment used in home building has also gone through a huge number of advancements and this in turn has had the effect of keeping housing prices down. Newer, and more advanced equipment also allows home designers and builders to produce a more attractive product as well.

    Advanced pneumatic tools are everywhere on the residential job site now and they allow one man to do the work of three. Tools like air powered nail guns that sink nails like a machine gun. They’re now smaller, lighter, better balanced and contain more integrated features that make for a safer tool to operate.

    New high tech laser tools are also now in common use on the home construction site. Tools like laser transit levels that do away with the scope on a tripod. Also new laser measuring devices that use a beam of light in instead of a tape to deliver far more accurate numbers, and also don’t require a second person to hold the end of a tape.