Choose Between Concrete, Asphalt and Mechanical Pavers

Choose Between Concrete, Asphalt and Mechanical Pavers

    One form of heavy equipment commonly used to lay concrete and asphalt at construction sites is known as paver. These are normally filled with the help of dump trucks and then rollers are used for pressing concrete or asphalt at the desired location. In the next section we will look at various types of this construction equipment and their features.

Choose Between Concrete, Asphalt and Mechanical Pavers

Different Types

    1. Concrete Pavers: These normally have twenty three meters of finishing width and can easily complete one hundred fifty sq. mt. per hour. These consist of an under carriage having spreader augar to distribute concrete evenly and then the finishing cylinders help to compact it. Additionally, these heavy equipments consist of texturing as well as curing machines which help in creating lines and spraying curing compound on concrete’s surface.

    There are also needle vibrators for preventing air gap formation in concrete slabs. The application areas include creation of floors in factories, parking zone slabs, tennis courts and streets. Another type called the slip form and it is capable of doing many tasks such as distributing concrete, cleaning excess concrete from surface of slabs, use oscillating vibrator to reinforce the concrete, use extrusion finisher for giving shape to final material and utilize float finisher for refining the surface.

    2. Asphalt Pavers: These are used for several purposes such as paving streets, bicycle paths and parking zones. The choice with regards to the type to use depends on asphalt to be used. Gravity fed type is to be used in case per day requirement does not exceed five hundred tons, whereas if two thousand tons are required then conveyor types would be ideal. The conveyor ones consist of larger capacity for the hopper, faster speed of travel & greater horsepower. They also provide excellent quality mat because of the wider screeds they have. On the other hand gravity fed type is required in case smaller tasks are to be completed like work in a driveway or commercial space.

    3. Mechanical Pavers: In case rapid finishing is required then these are the ideal choice for creating the asphalt roads. These are also used to lay macadam of wet mix type. Some of the features of these are vibrating hydraulic screeds, air brakes, good chassis design, screed heating with two burners and kerosene tank, faster operations and low noise levels.


    We will conclude here with a final note that many of the well known companies sell used pavers and if you are interested in purchasing quality equipment for affordable prices then you should get in touch with these companies and discuss your requirements.