Construction machinery in the operation of the note
Construction machinery operations should avoid rough, otherwise it will inevitably produce shock load, so that engineering machinery failure frequently, greatly shorten its service life. The impact load generated when operating, on the one hand will make the early wear and tear of the engineering machinery structure, fracture, broken, on the other hand the hydraulic system to produce the impact pressure, the impact of pressure will damage the hydraulic components, oil seals and high pressure tubing joints and hose Premature failure of the pressure leakage or burst pipe, relief valve frequent action to increase the oil temperature. I am a new unit to buy a UH171 shovel excavator, homework every 4 to 6 days Doumen tubing will leak or burst. Tubing is a random import of pure goods, the detection of no quality problems. Through the observation of the scene, found that the bucket door open, closed when the strong impact of the block, caused by the door frame. To avoid the impact of the load: the need to strictly enforce the operating procedures; hydraulic valve open and closed can not be too fast, too fast; to avoid the working device components to the extreme position to produce a strong attack; no impact function of hydraulic equipment can not use the work device Such as excavator bucket) violent impact on the object to achieve the purpose of broken. There is also a noteworthy question: the operator should remain stable. Because the freedom of each device operating system have a certain gap between the different parts of the wear and tear of the gap is also different, the engine and hydraulic system output size is not the same, these factors give the device personality, only the use of the equipment operation Hands carefully groping, modify their manipulation to adapt to the equipment personality, after a long period of time to work in line with the equipment to develop a good operating habits. Construction machinery industry adhere to the fixed machine system, which is one of the factors.

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