Vibratory Roller: Different Types of Road Rollers

Vibratory Roller: Different Types of Road Rollers

Vibratory Roller: Different Types of Road Rollers

Vibratory roller is one of the most commonly used road equipment. A road roller also known as roller compactor is a type of engineering vehicle, which is used to compact loose foundation, such as gravel, soil, asphalt and bituminous materials. The rolling process results in thorough compacting of the loose foundation so that the materials stay compact and do not come loose. These equipment have a variety of applications. They are primarily used in construction of roads, foundations, at landfills or in agriculture applications. The effectiveness of these equipment depends mainly on their weight.

The concept of road rolling equipment was first introduced in the agricultural industry. The rollers drawn by horses were used to carry large and heavy loads. However, horse-drawn equipment were replaced by self-powered vehicles during the nineteenth century. These vehicles were powered by steam traction engine.

These steam engine vehicles were gradually replaced by equipment powered by internal combustion engine in twentieth century. The machines with internal combustion engine were powered by fuels, such as kerosene, diesel and gasoline. The working of these machines powered by internal combustion is quite similar to the steam powered machines. The internal combustion engine rollers were not so popular during their initial stages.

Today, almost all road rollers, which are used for commercial purposes use diesel as fuel. Different types of road rolling machines available in the market are static weight, three-wheeled, sheep’s foot, rubber tire, tow behind and vibratory roller. The kind of equipment that is required to execute a task generally depends on the type of material used, the level of moisture and how much pressure or weight is required to compact them.

Some basic components of a vibratory machine are a canopy to guard the driver, a diesel engine, tires, a water system and drums. The drums used in this type of machine are vibratory smooth drums. Another important part of this machine is a compaction meter. It is used to evaluate the level of compaction.

Different types of vibratory road rolling equipment available in the market are:

=> Single drum vibratory road roller: These types of road rolling machines are especially suitable for compacting non-cohesive materials, such as crushed stone, gravel, sand-macadam mixture, rock filling and sandy soil.

=> Walk behind vibratory road roller: These road rolling machines are specially designed for compacting and maintaining building construction, gymnasium, ground pipeline channel, back-filling for pipeline and drainage trench.

=> Tandem vibratory Machinery: These types of road rolling machines have a compact design and are small in size. They are suitable for mending and maintaining roads, side- walk, express shoulder sports ground, garden lawn and parking areas.