The Different Types of Construction Training.
The Different Types of Construction Training.

Construction is a difficult and multi-faceted professional realm. There are many different types of careers that involve construction skills, some which take years of training to achieve. Construction training may be general or for a specific skill, be completed on the job, through a trade school, or even at a four-year university. Some of the different types of construction training include construction management, carpentry, machine operation, and general construction skills.

People who have a business-oriented mind may want to run a construction business, rather than work as a laborer or artisan. Construction management programs are usually offered through trade or vocational schools, or as a specialty degree in business from a traditional university. These training courses teach students everything they will need to know about compliance, safety regulations, and business management. Ideally, students will graduate from a management program with a good idea of what kind of business they want to run, and how to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Carpentry is an important area of construction training. A carpenter works with wood, and may be hired to do any type of construction, from installing custom cabinetry to building a wood-framed home. Training for carpentry is often done through apprenticeships with skilled carpenters or construction businesses; some secondary schools also offer carpentry courses that cover basic skills. Any construction job that handles wood or woodworking will usually call for workers with the benefit of construction training in carpentry.

From childhood, many people fantasize about operating the mighty cranes and bulldozers that fuel construction operation. In many places, workers must go through specialized construction training in order to be licensed to operate any type of heavy machinery. These machines can be both very dangerous and very expensive, making skilled operation a necessity. Construction training in machine operation is sometimes done through trade schools or seminars given by licensed machine operators. Some construction companies will pay for workers to receive training in order to keep up with the latest machine technology.

General construction skills may help a person land an entry-level job as a construction worker. Training for entry-level jobs may include on-the-job lessons or skills picked up as a hobby or through a basic class. Painting, welding, installation, and finishing skills may all come in handy for a novice construction worker. Many of these skills are learned through apprenticeships, which allow a new worker to advance to higher paying jobs and more responsibility as they master each new skill. Getting an apprenticeships with an established company can be quite competitive; it may be worthwhile for aspiring construction workers to ask to “intern” for a few weeks first, in order to prove skills.

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