How to Bulldoze a Farm With a Bulldozer?

How to Bulldoze a Farm With a Bulldozer?

How to Bulldoze a Farm With a Bulldozer?

Clearing farmland can be a lengthy and labor-intensive task, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment. If you own or are prepared to rent a bulldozer, you can use one to clear away brush and debris from your farm in a relatively short amount of time. A medium-sized bulldozer can clear acres of brush and rock-studded farmland in under a day in most cases. Although hiring contractors can make the job much easier, clearing your own farmland helps reduce or eliminate those expenses.

Things You'll Need

Heavy-duty chains
Rake attachment

Remove trees by gradually pushing them over with the blade. Large trees may require a series of pushes to knock them down.

Attach chains around any remaining tree stumps or large boulders, and then attach the chains to the back of the bulldozer. Drive the bulldozer forward with the chains attached to uproot the tree stumps and boulders. Use the chains to pull down small farm structures that are structurally deficient or unneeded.

Use the blade to push rocks and other debris into piles for later pickup and disposal. Separate and sort the pile into manageable portions to avoid any extra work during the disposal process.

Level and grade the dirt with the bulldozer blade to prepare the land for farming. Keep the blade as low to the ground as possible without going into the ground. Attach a rake attachment to the bottom end of the bulldozer blade to pull away and clear any remaining debris.