What are the specs for the average excavator?
What are the specs for the average excavator?

Caterpillar is a well-known brand of excavator, which is seen on many construction sites. This brand of excavator is very large and heavy running around 99,150 pounds. The maximum loading height on this brand is 24.9 feet. Attempting to load anything above this height could cause balance issues or injuries. Maximum reach is measured along the ground and, for the Caterpillar, maximum reach is about 41 feet. Digging depth is how deep the excavator can dig. The Caterpillar's maximum digging depth is 28.3 inches.
Another excavator brand is Volvo and its average excavator has a few differences from the Caterpillar. Maximum digging reach, which is the same as height on the other brand, is 33 feet. The maximum digging depth is much smaller on the Volvo at 22 feet. The operating weight is also much less, which is a factor in the other specs of the machine. The weight is between 50,000 and 60,000 pounds. Since the machine is that light, it makes the digging depth or height very important to prevent the machine from tipping over.

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