How to properly store the construction machinery?

How to properly store the construction machinery?

How to properly store the construction machinery?

Construction Machinery Storage Part 1: Overview

How to properly store the construction machinery is the important knowledge that the construction machinery operator and the owner should be grasping.

In particular, some construction machinery may not be used second time in a long term.Or after a certain project is done.We all need to storage these machinery and equipment for a long time.

At this time,the construction machinery and equipment how to correctly long-term storage has become an important issue, then how long-term storage of construction machinery? How to keep these devices good conditioning during storage?

In this FAQ we'll telling you four basic rules about how to storage construction machinery in the right way.

The first rules:

Should be parked in a dry room, dedicated garage for construction machinery is the best. If you have no option but storage outside, you should choose a flat ground and covered with board on there. After parking well, you should cover the machine with waterproof cloth.

The second rules:

The following preparations must be made before long term storage: maintenance of machinery, repair damaged parts, thorough cleaning the machinery, maintain a superior technical condition.

The third rules:

In the storage site arrangement, should ensure that any one of the construction machinery are not affected by other machinery when they drive in or out.

The fourth rules:

The fuel control lever in the idle position. 

Each control column must be placed in neutral position.