How to maintain the excavator in winter?

How to maintain the excavator in winter?

How to maintain the excavator in winter?

If the excavator is not used during the winter, it should be kept and maintained. The best performance can only be achieved when used again. The specific maintenance measures are as follows:

1) Clean the dirt on the surface of the excavator and check for loose fasteners.

2) Check if the antifreeze liquid level and oil level are normal, check if the oil quality is normal, and check the antifreeze level of the fuel.

3) If the weather is extremely cold and the excavator has a long downtime, drain the engine coolant.
At the same time, in order to prevent the battery from feeding, the battery must be removed and placed in a warm place for storage.

4) Start the engine running once a month. If the antifreeze liquid level and the oil level are lower than the normal oil level, please add it to normal before starting. In cold weather, put the key in the preheating position until the preheating light is on (multiple times to repeat the preheating), then start the engine, and after 5-10 minutes of idle running, operate the cylinders 5-10 times without load. The journey is small 5-10MM. Finally, the engine rotation speed is the highest, and each cylinder is operated 5-10 times, and the left and right rotations and the forward and backward movements are operated 3 times each time. Until the system temperature rises to 50-80 degrees, it can run normally. Continue to make all the working devices operate for 5-10 minutes and then stop the engine.

5) Run the air conditioning system once a month. First, let the cab warm up, then let the refrigerant circulate in the air conditioning system for one week to keep the oil film of the air conditioning system at a certain thickness to prevent the refrigerant from leaking. Check if the excavator electrical control switch is normal.

6) Refer to the operation and maintenance manual of each model for specific maintenance items.