How to solve the excavator can not catch fire?

How to solve the excavator can not catch fire?

How to solve the excavator can not catch fire?

  Excavator can't be fired. It can also be called hard-to-start, non-combustible, etc. It is one of the most common faults of excavators. It can be divided into two situations: the excavator can't catch fire, and the hot car can't catch fire.

10 reasons why the excavator can't catch fire:

1. The battery clip is loose, which causes the excavator to start difficult.

2. The battery of the excavator is insufficient, or the pile head of the battery is loose, resulting in poor contact.

3. The circuit is faulty, the relay box connector is loose, or the fuse box fuse is burnt.

4. The starter motor or generator is faulty and cannot generate electricity normally, resulting in insufficient power.

5. In the winter, the excavator can't catch fire, which may be caused by the diesel engine waxing.

6. The excavator matches the unsuitable fuel. In winter, the viscosity is large. In the summer, the viscosity should be small.

7. The engine pressure of the excavator is lacking, and the engine valve is not tightly closed.

8. Excavator hot car is difficult to start, there may be problems with the digging machine oil pump or the oil nozzle.

9. Excessive moisture in diesel or malfunction caused by excessive air in the diesel.

10. Excavator solenoid valve failure, diesel pump plunger wear, etc. will also cause fire.

How to check if the excavator can't catch fire?

1. Check if it is caused by a circuit problem. The fault is that the ignition switch is not turned on or the starting motor speed is too low.

2. Daily maintenance inspection is very important. It is necessary to check the battery capacity of the excavator. If the power is insufficient, it should be charged in time.

3. Check if the fuel volume of the fuel tank is sufficient. If there is no oil, of course, you can't catch fire. You must add enough fuel in time.

4. Check the starter relay or relay line of the machine and see if there is a short circuit or open circuit.

5. Check that the generator of the excavator is bad enough. If you can't pass the electricity, you can't get it.

6. Remember to choose a hydraulic fluid with a different viscosity depending on the ambient temperature.

7. Check battery harness, flameout solenoid valve, diesel pump, fuel system, etc.

8. Check the excavator's ignition switch to see if it is not in good contact.