How to do abnormal vibration of excavator?

How to do abnormal vibration of excavator?

Speaking of the abnormal vibration of the excavator, many excavator masters are deeply touched. The abnormal vibration during operation will not only affect the comfort of the operator, but also cause premature fatigue aging of the parts and cause unnecessary loss. . So what are the reasons for the abnormal vibration of the excavator? How to solve it?

1, engine vibration

The engine is the main source of vibration for the excavator. The engine displacement of the excavator is generally large, and there will be no small vibration during normal operation. Therefore, the flexible connection between the engine and the fuselage, under the action of the buffer mechanism, the vibration transmitted by the engine to the fuselage will be greatly weakened, so that the vibration of the fuselage will be controlled within a reasonable range.

If the fixing screw of the engine floor mat is loose or the buffer block is fatigue damaged, the connection between the engine and the fuselage is loose, the buffer mechanism is lost, and the engine is violently shaken during operation, causing abnormal vibration of the excavator body.

Solution: Tighten the foot fixing screws or replace the buffer block.

2, big arm vibration

When the boom is lifted or lowered during the process of abnormal vibration, the operation is not smooth, and the basic judgment is that the hydraulic system has a problem. The one-way valve of the boom hydraulic cylinder is abnormally worn or the hydraulic oil contains impurities, which causes the spool to switch poorly, and the hydraulic oil flows discontinuously, causing the hydraulic cylinder to run out, eventually causing abnormal vibration of the boom.

Solution: Check and clean the hydraulic cylinder check valve. If the check valve is excessively worn, replace it in time.

3, hydraulic pump vibration

The vibration of the hydraulic main pump will also cause abnormal vibration of the whole machine. The vibration of the hydraulic pump is mainly caused by the inconsistent flow of oil in the pump. Since the hydraulic pump generates high-pressure oil, once the oil fluctuates, the vibration of the pump body will be caused. When the oil is mixed with gas, cavitation occurs, or there are excessive iron scraps and other impurities in the oil, and the plunger is excessively worn, resulting in poor operation of the plunger, which may cause the pump body to vibrate. In addition, the hydraulic pump oil supply line is blocked, and the pump body is not well supplied, which may also cause vibration.

Solution: Check if the original inside the pump body is normal, replace the clean hydraulic oil and check the seal to ensure the tightness of the hydraulic system.