How to maintain long-term storage of excavators

How to maintain long-term storage of excavators

How to maintain long-term storage of excavators

Excavators should be kept and maintained if they are not used for a long time (more than 1 month). The best performance can only be achieved when used again. The specific maintenance measures are as follows:

1) Keep the machine clean and clean the chassis and track assembly with a high-pressure water gun to check for loose or damaged parts.

2) Cooling system: Check whether the antifreeze liquid level and the oil level are normal, check whether the oil quality is normal, and check whether the liquid leaks. The ratio of antifreeze at the time of shipment is 50%, which can be adapted to the lowest temperature of -40 °C (for details, please refer to the technical information of the winter antifreeze instructions)

3) Hydraulic system: Check whether there is leakage at each motor, cylinder, main pump, pipeline and joint. Check each cylinder rod for scratches or corrosion. The cylinder rods and gas spring rods should be buttered. Protect.

4) Electrical system: Since the excavator is now equipped with GPS, in order to prevent the battery from feeding, remove the ground wire of the battery and check the charging status of the battery through the indicator light set in the battery. Green: Normal, black: Insufficient charging, transparent: insufficient electrolyte.

Special note: If the excavator is not in the long-term parking, if the battery is not removed, the battery will be fed due to GPS power consumption. In severe cases, the battery will be scrapped. Therefore, the excavator must be charged when the vehicle is parked for a long time. The wire is removed. If the weather is particularly cold, remove the battery and store it in a warm place.

5) Start the engine once a month to ensure lubrication of the engine and hydraulic system components.

6) Run the air conditioning system once a month to allow the refrigerant to circulate in the air conditioning system for one week to maintain a certain thickness of the oil film at the seal of the air conditioning system to prevent leakage of refrigerant.

7) Refer to the operation and maintenance manual of each model for specific maintenance items.