Then use the excavator's air conditioning system correctly and maintain it.

Then use the excavator's air conditioning 

system correctly and maintain it.

The air conditioning system should beregularly maintained to enable the air conditioning system to perform itsmaximum function. The maintenance instructions are as follows:

1) The air conditioning filter should be cleanedregularly according to the working environment. It is absolutely not allowed touse the air conditioner without installing the air conditioner filter. If theair conditioner filter is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise,the evaporator sheet will be blocked and the air volume will be reduced, andthe air blower motor will be damaged early.

2) The hose of the air conditioning unitmust not be blocked or bent.

3) In the cold weather, it is necessary tooperate the air conditioning system for a few minutes every week to preventleakage of refrigerant to extend the service life of the air conditioningsystem.

4) Run the air conditioning system once amonth, first let the cab warm up, then let the refrigerant circulate in the airconditioning system for one week.

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