How to adjust the deviation of the excavator

How to adjust the deviation of theexcavator

When the excavator is running away from thedeviation, the following sub-sections can be checked when the technicalcondition of the traveling motor is normal and the track tension is adjustedcorrectly:


       (1)Check the working pressure of the walking hydraulic circuit. First check theslow moving side, start from the combination valve, disassemble the two oilpipes on the pressure limiting valve, and block the oil outlet with a plug.Then disassemble the two traveling oil pipes on the other combination valve,start the engine, pull the running control handle of the combined valve withthe plug, observe whether the oil pressure meets the requirements, and thenobserve the A of the other combined valve (pressure limiting valve). Does the Bhole have oil flowing out? If the oil pressure is normal, no oil flows out ofthe A and B holes of the other combination valve, and the failure is notconsidered to be the combined valve; if the oil pressure does not reach thenormal value, the internal leakage is serious; if another combined valve A andB holes have oil flowing out, indicating that the two combination valves havebeen colluded. The only way to get through is the shuttle valve, check thetightness of the shuttle valve or replace the shuttle valve.


       (2)If the combination valve is working properly, check the center swivel joint insequence. There are many oil passages at the central swivel joint, which areeasy to collude with each other. The inspection method is as follows:disassemble the A and B oil pipes of the two traveling motors, and then blockthe A and B oil pipes of one of the hydraulic motors; start the engine, pull thereversing valve of the hydraulic motor that blocks the oil pipe, and checkwhether the oil pressure is normal. (To confirm that the two fill valves workwell); then observe whether the A and B oil holes of the hydraulic motor thatare not blocked are oily. If the oil pressure is not normal, and the A and Boil holes that are not blocked are oiled out, it is considered that the oilpassage of the central rotary joint is not well sealed, the oil passages havebeen colluded with each other, and the seal of the central rotary joint needsto be repaired or replaced. The second and fourth oil grooves of the centralswivel joint are connected to the A and B oil holes of the left travel motor,and the third and fifth oil grooves are the A and B oil holes of the righttravel motor. If the second and third oil grooves are colluded or When the fouror five oil tanks collude, the excavator will not walk normally.

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