How to do the loader maintenance

How to do the loader maintenance

How to do the loadermaintenance

The engine is working properlyand the loader cannot walk

  First check thegearbox oil limit valve and shift pressure gauge. If it is found that thevariable speed torque oil is found, new oil should be added. However, it shouldnot be added too much, otherwise it will cause the gearbox to heat up,generally added to the limit valve to flow out of the oil. Then check if theboom can get up and down and if there is no steering. If the boom can be liftedand steered, the loader can't walk because the variable speed pump is damagedand the oil is not damaged. The boom cannot be lifted or steered, and theloader cannot travel. This is often the case where the steel plate connectionof the meat machine is broken by bolts or the elastic plate is broken. Thediesel engine and the gearbox must be lifted together, then the connecting partof the diesel engine of the torque converter must be removed, the damaged partshould be identified, and the damaged parts replaced or repaired.

Can only move forward and notback

  First check if thepressure indicated by the shift pressure gauge is normal. If the reverse gearpressure is reduced, it proves that there is too much oil leakage in thereverse gear part. The gearbox must be lifted out and all unpacked forinspection. Remove the reverse piston, replace the piston ring, check thedamage of the friction plate, replace the friction plate with more seriouswear, and adjust the reverse gear gap to 1.6-2.6mm; if the reverse gear doesnot reduce pressure, it proves that the forward gear has The phenomenon ofdeath. If the reverse friction plate is slipped and the reverse gear cannot bedriven, the gearbox must be lifted and disassembled to check whether theisolation ring above the inner ring gear of the first gear is broken. Becausethe fragment can lock the first friction plate, the reverse friction plateslips and does not work, so that it can only advance and cannot retreat. Theisolation ring can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Driven weak, stop when you stop

  1) Check the oillimit valve next to the gearbox and add new oil when there is no oil.


  (2) If the oilquantity is normal, check the transmission pressure gauge. If the pressuregauge swings violently, it indicates that the oil supply is insufficient. Itcan be checked whether the oil inlet pipeline is blocked, whether the innerlayer of the hose is foamed due to aging, whether the torque converter filteris clean, and whether the filter element of the filter is clean. If this is thecase, clean and flush the blocked tubing and filter element multiple times witha compact loader until it is ready for use. The foamed hose will be replaced. 

  (3) Observe thepresence or absence of metal blocks and aluminum chips on the filter screen. Ifthere is any damage to the torque converter and gearbox, it must be inspectedand replaced. Replace the damaged parts.

The transmission pressure isnormal, neither the first gear nor the reverse gear can travel, only the secondgear can drive normally.

  Mostof the causes of such failures are direct shifting by not stepping on the brakepedal, and the first and reverse gears in the gearbox are twisted to preventthe power from being transmitted. The second gear is directly connected to thespline in the sun gear, and the power can be transmitted directly, so thesecond gear can drive.