Main use of the excavator

Main use of the excavator

The excavator occupies aconsiderable proportion in engineering vehicles. It is the main equipment forearth and stone excavation. It is used in industrial and civil construction,mining, water conservancy and electric power construction, transportation,agricultural machinery engineering, oilfield construction, port constructionand military engineering construction. There are a wide range of applicationsin all types of projects. According to statistics, about 60% of the earth andstone volume in the construction of the project is done by hydraulicexcavators.


  Excavators areavailable in both mechanical and hydraulic versions. With the development ofhydraulic transmission technology and the improvement of the quality ofhydraulic components and the cost reduction, China's hydraulic excavators havedeveloped rapidly. In the 1980s, in the application of small, medium and evenlarge excavators, hydraulic excavators almost replaced the backward, bulkymechanical excavators, which are made up of ten hydraulic excavators with lightweight, small size and structure. Compact, smooth transmission, simpleoperation, and easy to achieve a series of advantages such as stepless speedchange and automatic gripping.


   The main uses


  1. Road and BridgeConstruction Company: engaged in road construction, bridge construction, tunnelexcavation, large bridge construction


  2. Municipalconstruction company: engaged in laying natural gas, pipelines, water pipes,sewage pipes, old town reconstruction, new city development, high-risebuildings, rural construction and renovation


  3. Energymetallurgy, hydropower station construction, coal mine development buildingmaterials and oil and gas pipeline laying and other projects.


  4. Waterconservancy construction, dredging and dredging, cofferdam filling, manualdigging lake



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