How to open the excavator to save fuel?

How to open the excavator to save fuel?

How to open the excavator to save fuel?

Excavators know that in addition to themaintenance of the machine, the daily work cost is the main thing is to burnthe oil. Since the fuel consumption can not be avoided, it is necessary to workharder from fuel saving, how can it not reduce the working efficiency and themechanical service life? Under the premise of saving a lot of oil money, Ibelieve this is the most concerned issue of the majority of the owners of the machine.

Here are some fuel-saving tips for digging operations.

The first point, the high position miningloading

When loading the excavator, if possible, ifit is conditional, it should be in a higher position. If there is no conditionto create conditions, it should stand at a high position, so that the truck isparked at the same height as the working surface; the reason is very simple, astone, you lift to the knee and lift Is it the same as the one used above? Howmuch "strength" can you save? Compared with the direct low-levelexcavation, the cycle time can be shortened by about 12%, and the fuelconsumption of about 8% can be reduced, and the work efficiency of about 40%can be improved, which is not a small number.

Second, when the bucket cylinder and theconnecting rod, the head cylinder and the head are both 90°, each cylinderpushes the excavator to the maximum.

The third point is that the excavation ofthe natural ground, the bucket or ripper floor angle is maintained at around 30°, the grab bar. When the stick is close to vertical, the stick force is thelargest and can carry more load. These two points are like you are bending yourarms to lift things, or just straighten your arms, of course, bent.

Fourth, when performing the trenchingoperation, first dig the sides of the trench and then dig the middle part. Thiscan save a lot of things when you dig in the middle, but also save energy.

The fifth point, the smaller the excavationdepth, the better the economical shape when excavating, and try to use themethod of segmentation mining. Divided into upper, middle and lower three-layerexcavation. If it is from low to top, the scope of action is increased first.Secondly, the excavator's power is reduced because of the increased range,which reduces the work efficiency, which requires a lot of oil.

These tips for fuel-saving operation maynot even be noticed by the old operators, but as long as they can develop goodoperating habits, they can save considerable fuel costs.