6 things that excavator novice must know

6 things that excavator novice must know

6 things that excavator novice must know

Whether it is a novice who has just entered the line, or an old driver who has been working for many years, before the hydraulic excavator is opened, sufficient preparations must be made to ensure the safety of the operation and make the excavator use longer. What do you need to do before the excavator work?

1.First of all, you should understand the environment of your workplace and ensure it is safe. Carefully check the solidity of the soil where the excavator is parked. According to different operations, it is necessary to observe the slope and wire height of the work site, underground cables, various pipes and surrounding obstacles in advance to ensure the safety of the work area. Open the excavator to work.

2.Before the operation of the excavator, to ensure the safety of the surrounding people, irrelevant personnel must not stay in the excavator working area, and prohibit unrelated personnel from entering the cab. It is important to note that after the engine is started, no one should stand on the inside of the bucket, on the boom, on the track and on the shed, and that safety should be placed first.

3.Before the work, the daily inspection and maintenance should not be less. Check whether the oil, coolant and hydraulic oil of the excavator are sufficient.When it is insufficient, it is necessary to raise it in time. Please pay attention to avoid smoking when filling the fuel to avoid fire.

4.Excavator hydraulic system inspection work, observe whether the hydraulic pipeline, operating valve, hydraulic cylinder, oil pump, etc. have leakage phenomenon, if necessary, timely treatment to prevent potential safety hazards.

5.There are many inspection items before operation, such as checking and adjusting the reverse tension of the track, checking the liquid level of the front window cleaning liquid, checking the cleaning air filter, checking the rotating structure, the instrument, the working device, etc., confirming that the excavator is normal. Work again.

6. Start and prepare the engine. It is best to start the small throttle first, and the small oil will be turned off. Do not suddenly turn off after the high speed.Generally, the optimal working water temperature of the engine is 90-95 °C, and the optimal working temperature of the hydraulic oil is 55-. At 85 ° C,remember not to run the excavator at low or overload.