The world's largest excavator of the top ten rankings

Time: 2017-07-07

The world's largest excavator of the top ten rankings

10: Terex O & K RH 200

RH200 series has two Cummins KTTA 38C diesel engine. Machine quality: 505 tons. Maximum power: 2286 horsepower (1680kW). Bucket capacity: 30.5 cubic meters.

9: Hitachi HITACHI EX5500

Machine work weight: 518 tons. Bucket bucket capacity PCSA full bucket 27.0-30.6 cubic meters. Two power 1400 kilowatts of the engine.

8: Komatsu Komatsu PC5500

Engine rated power: 1880 kilowatts, the working weight of 527 tons, the shovel bucket capacity of 20.0-36.0 cubic meters.

7: Terex O & K RH340

Operating weight: 567 tons. Standard bucket capacity: 34.0 cubic meters. Rated power of 2240 kilowatts

6: Liebherr Liebherr R996

Working weight: 672 tons. Engine output power: 2240 kilowatts. Backhoe bucket capacity of 34.00 cubic meters, the bucket capacity of 34.00 cubic meters.

5: Komatsu Komatsu PC8000

PC8000 is the top model of Komatsu excavator, divided into diesel engine drive and electric drive, use two KOMATSU SDA16V160 (16 cylinder turbocharged) diesel engine or 6600V high voltage (motor power 2900kW) as power, fuel tank capacity 14000L.

Weight: 726 tons. Maximum power: 4020 hp. Bucket capacity: 38.23 cubic meters.

4: Demag Demag H740

Demag H740 Demag DEMAG is the largest excavator, is designed specifically for the production of oil sands design, H740 OS equipped with two CAT 3516B diesel engine, the maximum digging force can reach 2320kN.

Machine quality: 751 tons. Maximum power: 4398 horsepower. Bucket capacity: 39.99 cubic meters.

3: Hitachi HITACHI EX8000

Hitachi EX8000 first in the successful development in March 2004, the aircraft operating room 10 meters from the ground, the operating room behind the design can be equipped with dinner tables, microwave ovens and refrigerators and other items of space. 24 hours to start the mine, still able to get a comfortable living environment. Taking into account the long continuous driving, using a flexible and lightweight electric joystick. Equipped with two S16R-Y1TAA2 diesel engine, the tank capacity of 14400 liters.

Machine quality: 780 tons. Maximum power: 3810 horsepower. Bucket capacity: 40 cubic meters.

2: Liebherr Liebherr R9800

R9800 crawler excavator, is the world's second largest hydraulic excavator.

Machine weight 804 tons, 2 sets of Cummins QSK60 diesel engine. Maximum power 4060 horsepower, tank capacity of nearly 20,000 liters. Bucket capacity of 42 cubic meters, can be configured to shovel or back shovel. The maximum excavation force of up to 2980kN, the maximum crushing force of up to 2350kN.

1: Terex O & K RH 400

Currently produced a total of six, the first (830 tons) in 1997 manufacturing, improved after the sixth RH400 launched in 2002, of which the first five is the electric drive type. Diesel models use two Cummins QSK60-C diesel engines, 16-cylinder, turbocharged. Fuel tank capacity 16000L. 6 out of 5 in the United States, 1 in Canada. Are used for mines.

Machine quality: 1008 tons. Maximum power: 4398 horsepower. Bucket capacity: 43.58 cubic meters

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