China's impossible engineering feat

Time: 2017-07-11
China's impossible engineering feat

Recently, the BBC travel channel released a video called "China's incredible Chinese project", the lens at the current world's highest bridge - China's Guizhou Province, the North Panjiang Bridge.

Throughout the shooting interview process, the reporter completely unable to suppress the excitement, with "impressive", "hard to imagine" and other words to describe the bridge. From the height of the bridge, the difficulty of construction, to the program options, the video is given a detailed introduction and analysis and the right. China's innovation, China's efficiency is full of praise.

In the video, the construction side, this across the Yunnan and Guizhou provinces of the Beipanjiang Bridge deck to the river surface height difference of 565 meters, equivalent to about 200 stories. The biggest difficulty lies in how to choose a reasonable construction program

Previously, the large span bridge across the deep canal will choose the "suspension bridge" program, the construction team in this area also has a wealth of design and construction experience. But in the end, the design team is another way, innovation launched a mountainous large span steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge program. The reason to be innovative, on the one hand because of the specific circumstances of the local, choose steel truss cable-stayed bridge can maximize the protection of the ecological environment and reduce costs. On the other hand, it is difficult for professional engineers to break away from the innovative nature, in their view: copy is easy, innovation is more suffering. They want to continue through innovation, challenge themselves, for the world dedicated a new boutique bridge.

In fact, in the bridge construction process, many foreign media have already begun to actively report, and even have been following up the construction process.

In addition to media reports, the cost of the bridge has also aroused great concern of foreign users. Construction of such a very difficult coefficient of the bridge, China only spent 1.03 billion yuan, the cost of low cost, so that foreign users are frying the pot! To know in the United States, New York City, a total length of 3.2 km subway second route, but spent 80 years, costing 4.5 billion US dollars (about 30.6 billion yuan) was completed.

In fact, the foreigners surprised the Chinese bridge more than Beipanjiang Bridge
The main project on July 7 just through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, a total length of 55 km, is the world's longest span, the longest steel bridge, the longest cross-sea bridge. British "Guardian" Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge as "the new world seven wonder

On the bridge level, the "China Bridge" has become China's a bright business card and highlight the important national strength of the important symbols, so that the world saw the strength of manufacturing in China. In the world of bridge industry and even this sentence: the world bridge construction before the 1970s to see Europe and the United States, 90 years to see Japan, the 21st century to see China.

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