World amazing Chinese efficiency: 200 excavators dismantle 600 meters flyover in 8 hours

Time: 2017-07-14

World amazing Chinese efficiency: 200 excavators dismantle 600 meters flyover in 8 hours

The day before yesterday in Nanchang China, 200 excavators at the same time demolition of an overpass, only eight hours an overpass in the city disappeared.

As the road is the main road, closed for too long affect the city traffic, so the relevant departments called hundreds of excavators overnight demolition of the four-lane overpass. Many excavators unify the rapid completion of the demolition work, the efficiency is amazing.

Look at the envy of foreign users:

1. really too cool, and eight hours actually completed our eight months of the task. Not necessarily, maybe we have not started eight months, because we are democratic, we need to discuss a few months time.

2. In our case, repair a road hole, at least two years! More than thirty officials uncle to check the hole, and then said: "ah, this is indeed a hole." And then they sat on the gorgeous official car pat on the butt left

3. In the United States, it is inhumane for us to work at night, and this is waiting for our workers to be throbbing, ten people onlookers, two people work, or take turns to open the forklift road.

4. Chou people, planning and orderly, efficient implementation. And then look at our bureaucracy to kill people ah, the rest of the world, operations are by virtue of wisdom and practice.

There are different views:

If they had come to the American road, it was not all the workers who were striking, and their jobs were snatched. Well, it looks good, but they work too much, and this noise is too high, residents can bear it? As we all know, people over there work environment sanitation and safety, but not very good.

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