The world's largest bucket wheel excavator 45,000 tons heavy

Time: 2017-07-18

The world's largest bucket wheel excavator 45,000 tons heavy

The world's largest saw is on a heavy machine on the Bogatyr coal mine. Bogatyr coal mine is the world's largest coal mine, close to the city of Elizabutz in Kazakhstan.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the photographer in Kazakhstan a coal mine found a "large monster", from the appearance point of view, the "big monster" has a huge body, weighing 45,000 tons , There are about 15 layers of height.

It is reported that the "big monster" called bucket wheel excavator, has a wonderful device and compact design, in its front to install a huge rotary wheel. The saw has a diameter of 12 meters. The whole machine body weight of 45,000 tons, the height of 45 meters, the equivalent of 15 floors so high. The outermost edge of the machine is a series of spoon-like or barrel-like devices, where the work of loading and unloading of coal is accomplished through the conveyor belt. This machine has a strong ability to work every hour to dig 4,500 tons of coal. You can clear all the obstacles in front, even if the high mine is not to mention.

However, the production of such a machine requires £ 66 million, the operation of the entire machine requires 27 miners to carry out. Due to the size of the body, so that its slow action, every 3 hours can only advance 1 mile (about 1.6 km).

The machine was discovered by 34-year-old Russian photographer Alexander Popov. His original task was to photograph some of the mining industry in Kazakhstan, but he accidentally photographed the "big monster". He said: "In the past I have seen a lot of large machinery and equipment, but never seen such a monster.I took it as part of my work when I close to it, I can not believe that this is simply a Although I am not afraid, my mind is born with awe.

Kazakhstan Bogatyr coal mine about 40 million tons of coal per year, accounting for 40% of coal exports. And in 1985, the coal mine broke the Guinness Book of World Records and became the world's largest coal mine with 52.6 million tons of coal.

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