The Different Types of Flagger Jobs.

Time: 2017-07-27
The Different Types of Flagger Jobs.

Flags have been utilized as a method of wordless communication for many years. There are several types of flagger jobs available. Flaggers help direct people and equipment in a variety of settings, including construction sites, boats, areas with lots of traffic and even major racing events.

The construction flagger is one of the most common types of flagger jobs because there are so many construction projects around the world. These are the men and women traditionally holding bright orange flags and handing the flow of traffic around a busy construction site. These flaggers utilize strong communication skills by talking to supervisors and coworkers on the radio for instruction. In addition, they also direct construction machinery such as cranes and bulldozers because they have limited lines of sight. This job usually does not require any special education, but many do need to attend flagger certification classes for safety.

Police flaggers are another popular type of flagger jobs. These usually are members of the police force who are trained in all aspects of law enforcement. The job usually revolves around moving pedestrians and traffic safely around a crime scene as an investigation takes place. Commonly, these flaggers are seen near automobile accidents and utilize police training to direct traffic in order to allow fellow officers, firefighters or ambulance workers to enter the area and perform various jobs unhindered.

Maritime flagging is one of the most common types of flagger jobs. In use for centuries, since before boats had radios, a series of multi-colored and multi-symboled flags help communication on the sea. Both military and civilian ships still use these methods because it often is difficult to know what radio frequency a nearby ship is using. This type of flagging job takes a great deal of training because there are many flags and movement patterns necessary to convey a message.

One of the more rare flagger jobs is found above race tracks around the world. The flagger communicates to race car drivers important messages during a race. Flags that tell the racers to begin, to slow down for an accident, to stop completely, to allow faster traffic to pass and that a race has ended are all necessary. From small dirt tracks to major stock car and open-wheel racing events, these flaggers are a necessary part of on-track safety. There are no educational requirements, but the flagger must know all of the rules of the association in which the race is held.

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