The reason for architectural negligence

Time: 2017-08-26
The reason for architectural negligence

Construction negligence occurs whenever a project does not follow existing safety rules or standards of care and becomes a danger to workers or the public. Negligence that occurs during a building or repair project is a common form of construction negligence. Construction negligence can refer to both the danger for employees of a construction firm or for innocent bystanders. Highway negligence for workers and drivers is another form of construction negligence. Negligence can also occur after construction is complete due to poor workmanship.

Most countries have laws in place to protect the safety of the men and women working on a construction site. Construction firms and foremen that don't follow these rules during the building process can constitute construction negligence. For example, improperly built scaffolds, untrained workers using dangerous tools, and unsafe machinery guards are just a few of the hazardous issues construction workers face. This type of negligence can lead to broken bones, burns, disability, and even death and may result in a construction negligence lawsuit.

Those working on a building project understand there is some risk involved with the job, but the general public does not expect to be put at risk. Construction negligence can strike the lives of innocent passersby or visitors to a site as well. Some examples would be objects falling from a great height, exposed holes in the ground, or improperly grounded electrical wiring. An injury or death can occur when a person unassociated with the construction inadvertently becomes a victim of negligence. A liability lawsuit often results.

Highway construction safety usually occupies its own category of construction negligence. This is because, in many countries, roads and highways are maintained by the government rather than by private companies. This issue comes to the forefront when unsafe conditions during roadwork lead to injuries for the crew or other motorists. This can be anything from improperly marked barriers for drivers to a crane operator not following safety regulations.

Not all negligence occurs during the process of building a structure or during road improvement work. Many problems arise after a highway or building project is complete because of negligence by the builder or contractor or subcontractor. Failing to follow construction codes and cutting corners to save money frequently results in a dangerous environment. Construction defects such as improperly installed ceiling tiles or an imbalanced foundation may lead to minor or major injuries or fatalities depending on the severity of the negligence.

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