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Single-Diaphragm Plunger Pump


Single-diaphragm plunger pump transport 50% of the solid liquid mixture materials (solid materials≤1.5mm) by high pressure. The pressure arranged 0-80 kg and the flow 1-15 tons/hour.


 Product type


Product performance

Single -plunger diaphragm pump

Plunger pump

Diaphragm pump

solid & liquid mixture materials transported by high pressure

Pressure: 0-80 kg0-8Mpa

liquid material transported by high pressure

Pressure: 20 kg - 2000 kg (2-200Mpa)

solid material transported by low pressure

Pressure: ≤6 kg (0.6mpa)

Pressure unit:

1kg / 2   ≈ 0.1Mpa

= longitudinal transport distance10 m

= horizontal transport 100 m




  Working principle

(1)By the eccentric wheel (no. 1) rotates, three plungers (no.2) are alternately pushed.

(2) The plungers push three diaphragm by turns (no. 3).

(3)The diaphragms exert pressure to the liquid.

(4) The valve plates and valve seats (no. 4 and no. 5) of the pump make same function as one-way valve, making open-close working condition, and make liquid finish enter, pressand discharge from pump. 

3. ProductAdvantage

(1) The wearing parts contains valve plate, seat and diaphragm, which can be replaced quickly.

(2) Upgraded plunger spring is durable, not broken.

(3) By changing speed of motor, the flow and pressure can be adjusted.

(4) When flow unchanged, the pressure can be modified separately by adjusting the outlet valve

4. Model


Dyestuff making equipment

Milk powder, coffee machine

Fertilizer making equipment

Washing powder

High pressure cleaning equipment

Ceramic powder

sea water desalinization

Plastic additives

Sewage treatment


Oilfield water injection


Natural gas/power plant equipment

Pharmaceutical metering pump

G35 pump used in dye factory



Dye Factory